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Name: Jodelle Micah Ferland
Date of Birth: October 9th, 1994
Age: 22

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The Unspoken
Role: Angela
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When: TBA

The Goodbye Girl
Role: Unknown
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Dark Matter
Role: Five
Official Site: click
When: Syfy Channel Fridays 10/9c

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Welcome to Beautiful Jodelle - Your Source for Jodelle Ferland Media, a fan site created for actress Jodelle Ferland. She is most known from Silent Hill where she played Sharon/Alessa you may also know her from Kingdom Hospital where she played the ghost girl Mary. Here you will find news and information about Jodelle, Image Gallery, and the Largest Online Media Section..
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Bigger Fatter Liar April 18th 2017

Jodelle has a new movie coming out called Bigger Fatter Liar and will be a direct to disc movie. It will be release on Blu-ray and DVD on April 18th 2017, you can view the trailer for the movie below. It is based off the original movie Big Fat Liar that was released back in 2002.

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New Beautiful Jodelle Video

A new Beautiful Jodelle video has been released for the new year, it can be viewed on the youtube channel (video below) or in the media archive

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Happy New Year 2017

Beautiful Jodelle would like to wish everyone a Happy New year, and along with the new year comes a new theme for the site. May you all have a wonderful 2017.

Beautiful Jodelle New Year 2017 - Jodelle Ferland

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Merry Christmas from Beautiful Jodelle

Beautiful Jodelle would like to wish everyone that celebrates a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. May you have a wonderful time and have a happy new year.

Beautiful Jodelle Christmas Image - Jodelle Ferland


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Holiday Theme

Have added a holiday theme for the month of December. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, Happy Holidays.

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HD Screencaps of Jodelle Ferland in movie The Unspoken

The movie The Unspoken that Jodelle was in was released today in United States and is a limited run for theaters but if you not near a theater showing the movie can also rent/purchase it from providers such as Vudu, iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. Perfect movie to check out with Halloween just couple days away. I have also added HD screencaps of Jodelle to the gallery which can be viewed in The Unspoken HD Screencaps album.  The source was 1080 but was letterboxed so the images were cropped to remove the black bars that were on the top and bottom.

Jodelle Ferland - The Unspoken HD Screencap 37  Jodelle Ferland - The Unspoken HD Screencap 99  Jodelle Ferland - The Unspoken HD Screencap 134

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Happy 22nd Birthday Jodelle Ferland

Today October 9th 2016 is Jodelle’s 22nd birthday and Beautiful Jodelle would like to wish her a very happy birthday and hopes she has a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Jodelle.

Jodelle Ferland 22nd Birthday Image - Beautiful Jodelle   


Jodelle Ferland voicing audio book “Wonder Women”

A audio book called “Wonder Women” about 25 Innovators, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History is coming out October 18th, 2016 and Jodelle will be the narrator reading the book. You can find out more here (external link)

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