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Name: Jodelle Micah Ferland
Date of Birth: October 9th, 1994
Age: 23

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Bigger Fatter Liar
Role: Becca
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Dark Matter S3
Role: Five
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When: Series Ended

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The Tall Man
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Bigger Fatter Liar
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Jodelle Filmography

Bigger Fatter Liar : "Becca" [2017]
Revenge Porn : "Audrey" [2016]
The Unspoken: "Angela" [2015]
A Warden's Ransom: "Kit" [2014]
The Goodbye Girl : "Molly" [2013]
Midnight Stallion: "Megan Shephard" [2013]
Home Alone: The Holiday Heist : "Alexis Baxter" [2012]
Paranorman: "Voice only" [2012]
Monster: "Hannah" [2011]
Girl Fight: "Haley" [2011]
The Tall Man: "N/A" [2010]
Mighty Fine: "Natalie Fine" [2010]
Ice Quake: "Tia Webster" [2010]
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: "Bree Tanner" [2010]
The Cabin in the Woods: "Patience Buckner" [2009]
Everything's Coming Up Rosie : "Rosie" [2009]
Wonderful World: "Sandra" [2008]
Pictures of Hollis Woods: "Hollis Woods" [2007]
Celine: "Young Celine Dion" [2007]
Case 39:"Lillith Sullivan" [2007]
BloodRayne II Deliverance: "Sally" [2007]
Good Luck Chuck: Lila Carpenter [2007]
Seed: Playing "Detective Bishop's Daughter" [2007]
The Secret of Hidden Lake: "Young Maggie Dolan" [2007]
The Messengers: "Michael Rollins" [2007]
Amber's Story: "Nichole Timmons" [2006]
Swimming Lessons: "Zoe" [2006]
Silent Hill: "Sharon Da Silva/Alessa Gillespie" [2006]
Tideland: "Jeliza-Rose" [2005]
Too Cool For Christmas: "Alexa" [2004]
A Very Cool Christmas: "Alexa" [2004]
10.5: "Little Girl" [2004]
Mob Princess: "Young Patti" [2003]
Carrie: "Young Carrie" [2002]
They: "Sarah" [2002]
The Miracle Of The Cards: "Annie" [2001]
Trapped: "Heather" [2001]
Deadly Little Secrets: "Madison" [2001]
Special Delivery: "Samantha Beck" [2000]
Sole Survivor: "Nina Carpenter" [2000]
The Linda McCartney Story: "Heather Age 5-6" [2000]
Mermaid: "Desiree Leanne 'Desi' Gill" [2000]

Dark Matter: "Five" [2015-2017]
The Haunting Hour The Series: [2011]
Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas: "Gwen" [2009]
Stargate Atlantis: "Harmony" [2007]
Masters Of Horror: "Lisa" [2006]
Stargate SG-1: "Adria" [2006]
Supernatural: "Melanie Merchant" [2006]
Kingdom Hospital: "Mary Jensen" [2004]
The Collector: "The Devil" [2004]
Dead Like Me: "Kirsti" [2003]
Smallville: "Emily Eve Dinsmore" [2003]
John Doe: "Jenny Nichols" [2002]
Special Unit 2:  Focus Group Girl" [2002]
The Lone Gunmen: "Mary the Little Girl" [2001]
Dark Angel: "Annabelle Anselmo" [2001]
Wolf Lake (unaired): "Lily Kelly" [2001]
Higher Ground: "Young Juliette" [2000]
Cold Squad: "Hailey Hatcher" [1999]